What Are Mobile Leads?

These are leads generated through mobile web landing pages and mobile applications. Some lead generation companies will create a mobile pay per click campaign that allows the consumer to connect to an agent through their mobile device by simply clicking a button. Another way they generate these leads is through a mobile app they created or rented advertising space on.

Although mobile advertising is not the most known medium for promotion right now it is quickly rising. The returns from these investments are getting better and better as lead generation companies learn the tricks to marketing on a mobile device. Smart phones are becoming more accessible along with mobile internet and consumers are buying them at an all time high. When users become more tech savvy on their mobile devices, they will also be more optimistic towards shopping on the mobile web.

Leads generated through mobile advertising are lower costing leads that have mid level closing ratios. They are a rare find and are targeted to consumers on the go. Products that are cheaper in cost or require less research to buy are your best option. Avoid lead generation companies who make offers that sound too good to be true, because they usually are.

The basic characteristics of a mobile lead are a low cost lead with medium closing ratios. Prospects are usually on the go and don't have access to a computer, they are interested enough to call from their mobile device but not interested enough to give you payment information over the phone quickly. If you cannot sell your product or services without help from the internet or even a pad of paper, these leads may not be recommended for you.